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Explore Our Premium Mobile Detailing Services

Welcome to our Mobile Detailing Services page. You're here because you're seeking a professional and efficient solution to maintain your vehicle's pristine condition. With our convenient, high-quality mobile detailing services, we bring the car care to you, no matter your location. Explore our offerings and book now to enhance your vehicle's appearance and value with our expert detailing, all optimized for search engines to provide a seamless user experience.

Interior Services

Interior Full Valet 

Prices from "£39.99"

All Features of the Mini Valet + 

  • Leather Restoration (Deep Clean and Light coating applied) 

  • Upholstery Stain Cleaning (This doesn't apply a deep clean)

  • Headliner Cleaning: Remove dirt and light stains from the interior roof lining.

  • Interior Panel and Trim Sanitised clean and  Protection 

  • Interior Detailing Brushing: Use detailing brushes to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as air vents, buttons, knobs, and crevices.

  • Centre Console and Cup Holder Cleaning: Clean and

  • sanitize the centre console and cup holders, removing dirt, crumbs, and spills.

  • Sun Visor and Vanity Mirror Cleaning

  • Boot or Cargo Area Cleaning

  • Scented Air Freshener

  • Windows cleaned and light ceramic applied 

  • All carpets brushed for a luxuries effect

Very Clean Car Interior
Interior Steam Cleaning

Extra Services sold separately

One of the Interior valet services will need to be booked in to apply any extras


  • Leather Seat Deep Cleaning and Restoration

  • Leather Seat Deep Cleaning and 1 YEAR Conditioner 

  • Spot Stain Removal 

  • Interior Steam Cleaning

  • Allergen Removal

  • Deep Fabric Seat Cleaning

  • Interior Odor Neutralization

  • Interior Glass Cleaning

  • Interior Disinfection

  • Upholstery Protection Treatment

  • Interior LCD-OLED screen protection

  • Gore (blood, Vomit, faeces) deep decontamination 

For information about pricing please contact us directly via phone or email. 

Car Detailing before and after pictures

Interior Mini Valet

Prices from "£21.99"

This service will provide your car with: 

  • The entire interior front and back of your vehicle, side pockets, sides of seats and all of the hard to get areas Vacuumed 

  • Upholstery Cleaning (Interior Detailer)

  • Dash board Cleaning (Interior Detailer) cockpit and centre console 

  • Floor Mats Vacuumed 

  • Floor Mats light stain removal (If Applicable) 

  • Door Panel and Trim Cleaning (Interior Detailer)

Exterior Services 

Exterior Mini Valet

Prices from "£19.99"

This service will provide your car with: 

  • Car Inspected for any dents, deep scratches 

  • Pre-Wash Inspection

  • Decontamination

  • Pressure Rinse

  • Two Bucket method 

  • Hand Wash - Premium shampoo 

  • Drying

  • Exterior Glass Cleaning

  • Alloys cleaned (Viper Detailer Ph Neutral cleaner)

  • Tires cleaned

  • Final Inspection

Foam Lance cleaning a black dirty car
Brush cleaning a Car Alloy Rim and Tyre

Exterior full valet

Prices from "£39.99"

  • Pressure wash and Pre decontamination.

  • Vehicle Inspected for any scratches / dents / defects 

  • Premium Thick Snow Foam and soft brush detail with APC where a wash mitt can't fit to clean

  • Two bucket method (to minimize swirls)

  • Exterior Hand Wash with premium Car shampoo soft wax combination.

  • Door Hinges and Frames Detailed with brushes (APC)

  • Wheel Cleaning with superior brake dust removers and alloy detergents 

  • Wheel well Cleaning

  • Glossy Tire Dressing.

  • Interior and exterior windows cleaned + side mirrors for streak free finish 

  • Exterior Drying with Soft Teddy like cloths

  • Final Inspection with customer 

Extra Services sold separately

One of the Exterior Valet Services will need to be booked in to apply any extras

  • Trim restoration 

  • Paint touch-ups

  • Convertible top cleaning and condition

  • Full car ceramic spray application. For UV and water repellent properties 

  • One step Polish of the entire car 

  • One step Polish (Panel of your choosing) 

  • Ceramic Coating Maintenance (This only applies for existing customers as a monthly subscription) 

  • Window Ceramic Coatings

  • Full Ceramic Wax 1 Year 

BMW Detailed with ceramic coating

Kindly be aware that all prices are subject to adjustments based on both the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle. We hold the right to cancel any service with a 24-hour notice prior to its commencement. Unforeseen weather conditions, which are out of our control, may necessitate the rescheduling of bookings. We appreciate your understanding in these matters.

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