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Regular vehicle maintenance washes are crucial to preserving your car's condition. Our customized maintenance washes cater to your schedule and preferences, guaranteeing that your vehicle remains both pristine and well-maintained at all times.

Maintenance washes 


Ford Car Iron Fallout Detail on Alloys


Is this a contract?

Certainly, this constitutes a contract, and the duration of the agreement is up to 3 months. Following this initial period, you can cancel at any time without incurring any fees. For cancellation reach out to



In the event that you need to reschedule, kindly get in touch with If we are unable to secure a suitable date, your service will be carried over to the following month.


Extra services? 

Additional services can be requested at your discretion, whether it's a carpet or seat extraction, or the application of a ceramic coating. The choice is entirely yours, tailored to meet your specific needs as a customer.

At Detailing Sanctuary, our commitment to excellence is fueled by a strong belief in fairness. Amidst intense market competition, we assure you unmatched services within your budget. Explore our flexible packages, offering substantial savings with options for full payment or various installment plans. (Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly or in Full)

For a detailed understanding of our meticulous car care, we've condensed it into a comprehensive package brochure. Let us send it or personally deliver, establishing a close link between our services and your car care needs. Trust us to bring a touch of excellence and affordability to your car maintenance journey.


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